Both Safeway and City Market have charitable programs available for non-profits that could provide a nice revenue stream for us.  The two programs work a little differently from one another but the concept is basically the same:  As a member or supporter of the Lions, you sign up to have a percentage, (up to 5%) of the dollars you spend on groceries credited to FRVLC.  There are minimums that we collectively need to reach, but the targets are fairly reasonable.  The mechanics of the two programs vary, as do the calculations on what we would earn, but both would be very easy for you to manage at the checkout counters.

For Safeway, the FRVLC would sell you a $10.00 card, good for $10.00 worth of groceries, which you could then reload with whatever value you want to put on the card to use for purchasing groceries.  You can pay for the value you reload with your own credit card and keep the benefits of points, cash back, etc. that your personal credit card offers.  When we collectively hit $5,000.00 or more, FRVLC is then paid 5% of our collective purchases.  For the Lions to get credit for your purchases, you do need to load the Safeway card in a separate transaction, prior to purchasing any items.  It will not work to just punch in your phone number.  Also note, you maintain the benefit of all Safeway promotions, discounts and fuel programs that you would otherwise.

For City Market, all we need to do is associate your existing City Market Card with the FRVLC….or sign you up for one if you do not have one already.  After that, when you swipe your card, a percentage of your purchases go to the Lions.  As a club, we need to make application to participate and must be accepted.  City Market caps the number of participants as well as the dollars donated.  This is not the case with Safeway.

Our hope is that all of you will sign up for both programs and both members of the household will carry the cards to assure all purchases will be credited to the Lion’s account.

If you need additional information please fill out the contact form below:

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